Wahyu nugraha meet mat closeup 01
Wahyu nugraha meet mat 01
Wahyu nugraha meet mat 02
Wahyu nugraha meet mat 03

Price tag

Wahyu nugraha meet mat 04

Friendly reminder

Wahyu nugraha meet mat ui 01

Substance Painter UI


Made for Substance Challenge "Meet Mat" 2017.

So I come up with an idea of the most basic design process which involved pencil and paper, the "Cross-hatches" shading method (well I did a bit of sketches of MAT on a paper which I shaded him with a cross-hatches style, hence come up with the idea). Also, try as much as possible to stick with black and white theme, again to emphasis of "sketches on a white paper".

It get's a little too monotone pretty fast so I added the yellow color splash in the form of price tag to add some color interest into it without contradicting too much with the black and white sketch idea that I had earlier.

TOYZ"M"I? is a fictional toy store..right :)

WARNING: Heavy Marmoset Viewer file.

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